Photo edits

What’s up guys I did some photo edits today. Hope you guys like em


This almost looks like Kostas K’s designs


What app do you use

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Thanks I’ll give it a try

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It is very fun to use :)

It looks good! But your exposure/white point is too strong, if you tint that down it’ll look even better!

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Thanks for the tip!

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You’re welcome!

some tips, cut out the entire aircraft and add it as a seperate layer, then you can add some outline around it to make it pop (make sure the outline isn’t solid) try that out and send me the results!


(Taken from my Instagram)


This is super nice! Thanks for the mention, you know what i love lol


I love space shuttles as well :)

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I love all the Space history of the world, specially America, with the Space Shuttle program, the Moon program, Mars Perseverance rover, NASA , Gemini everything! I actually want to work there as an engineer and maybe astronaut

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Thank you mate, the B767 needs a rework ASAP. You combined one of my favourite airlines with one of my favourite type of aircraft. Nice edit. Once the B767 gets a rework it’ll look so good in this edit. Nice work. It made me smile :)


Do a 747 northwest at Minneapolis

THIS LOOKS LIKE A IRL PHOTO! Very good editing.

@United_8275_heavy This post wasn’t closed, I don’t think you broke any rules??

My post United 8275 heavy photo edits was removed and deleted so that way nobody sees it

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What’s the matter with the photo

It involves lighting that is not in game