Photo Editor within Live Replay

Photo Editor in Live Replay

Hello. I am introducing a feature request regarding the live replay feature currently in the game. My request is that we incorporate some sort of photo editor within the live replay itself. The word Photo Editor might sound a little intimidating for a flight simulator… and it is, so I think it should be a lot simpler. This could be used just as very basic photo editor, for the people who don’t have/use applications such as Instagram or Snapseed. This could be a way to very easily edit photos, without going into third-party applications, making the process simpler for the user.

My idea is where right when you click the

button in live replay, instead of it processing and taking the picture, it brings up the menu as shown below:

The editing column could have the ability to include countless editing features, however, I think it should be toned down to just a simple bokeh effect button which an adjustable slider to change how much bokeh you would like in your photo, and a vignette button, with the same adjustable slider.

How would the Bokeh Effect and Vignette work?

The Bokeh Effect would need to be simple and intuitive. So, all you need to do is select the subject you’d like to be in focus, and the rest of the background would automatically be blurred. Then, you could adjust the amount of blur with the slider.

Vignette would work virtually identically to the Bokeh Effect. Simply selecting vignette and adjusting the slider to adjust the amount of vignette in the image.

The Final Product

Once you complete your editing, just double click on the

button, and the image will be processed, and then completed.

I like the idea but I don’t think that this is really needed because IF isn’t a photo editor app. But I do see what you mean, just my opinion tho. And don’t forget to vote for you’re own Feature request.

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Do you mean Bokeh?
Also I don’t know why you’d use precious storage space on this when there’s other things to focus on and great apps out there dedicated to editing with many more tools than IF could have.


I do agree with this, but there is already a screenshot feature in the game, which in correlation to your statement, people could just screenshot with their phone, but instead, they added a screenshot button to better enhance the user experience, making it easier, and giving higher quality screenshots optimized to Infinite Flight itself. What I’m trying to say, is giving a bokeh option implemented in Infinite Flight would make it better optimized for the game itself, then again enhancing the user experience.

When taking a screenshot, it gets stored onto your device. Even adding bokeh onto the image, would rarely effect storage space within kBs (kilobytes).

I don’t suggest adding this. Yes there may a nice to have and convenience. But it has no effects in bring more realism to the simulator. There are tons of great apps out there, that perform better. I wouldn’t want to put much time into this.

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I understand the image size wouldn’t increase. I’m talking about storage taken up by adding photo editing tools to Infinite Flight.

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Just saying now with the newer IOS’ I just tap on my screenshot and do very minor editing, I like to keep photos as original as possible.

That is a great idea bro!

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While it is a good idea, the effort would be better spent on planes/liveries/features instead of replicating something that is readily available in a large number of free and premium apps. Thank you for understanding. I am going to close this to free up votes.