Photo editing software suggestions

Yep, I used to use it

If @Ninetales uses it, why wouldn’t I? Thanks everyone.

I highly recommend Pixelmator. I use it all the time to edit my Infinite Flight photos. It does pretty much everything you’re asking for.

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Thanks Nathan! But sadly, I can’t get it. I don’t have enough money to buy Pixelmator

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PicsArt is a great choice!

Well Snapseed is Ninetales preference,

remember just because if someone is good using ‘Snapseed’ doesn’t meen you’ll be good using ‘Snapseed’

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well since you can’t get adobe products because it’s blocked there, use gimp i guess

PhotoGrid and PhotoEraser:-)
I use them to make edits. First of all, take a screenshot of infinite flight than take it to PhotoEraser, erase it and cut and then convert it into high quality PNG.
Than go to PhotoGrid and insert the filter you want.
(I’m telling for iOS, don’t know about android sorry)
Good day!

Google photos is pretty good, you can’t do a whole lot but you can still do the basic stuff.

Ms paint is the best… Jk. You should use a VPN to get on the Adobe website and use pbotoshop

You never said that before… Please stop with the Capital Scream…
Would have been a different case if you had mentioned it before…
All you ever said was that Iran banned/filtered Photoshop…
Blue Skies!

Knock out is an extremely good “cut and stick” software. It is completely free but has some ads but they are minimal.
Pro KnockOut-Photo Edit,Easy Photoshop Cutout by GodImage

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