Photo editing software suggestions

I’m looking for a good photo editing app for Infinite Flight. I like Aviary that I’m using now but I’d like an editor that you can put multiple pictures on together. I’ve tried Picsart, but I don’t really like it. And I’ve tried Photoshop CC, but the Adobe Website is filtered in Iran so I can’t get an Adobe ID so I can’t use it. Anything else that fits?

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Snapseed is good as well. I personally use it a lot.


Is this for aviation photos?


Infinite Flight photos. I want it like @Nintales’s photos that the aircraft is cut and placed on a background.

Snapseed and Photoshop are two of the best mobile editors.

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Can you cut Photos with Snapseed @cleipelt?

You can cut photos with Photoshop Mix.

I can’t get Photoshop cause is filtered here in Iran

Use a VPN. If that doesn’t work I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe you have a computer or laptop?

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Yes I have a Laptop and I have Photoshop on my Laptop. But I don’t usually open it. Plus it’s hard to import photos from your iPhone to your Laptop

Oh! You can try GIMP… It works pretty well…
I make YouTube thumbnails for a friend’s channel!.

Yes. Two questions.

  1. Can it cut pictures?
  2. Can’t find it on the App Store. Where is it?

Well, it’s a PC application, it’s free.
Yes, you can cut, paste and do everything, just use the internet for tutorials!

I want it on my MOBILE PHONE. I already have Photoshop on my PC

You never made that clear at all in your post. Stop being so immature and quit with the screaming caps.


@Ninetales is using PicsArt as far I know. :)

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Use gimp 2.8. It’s a free alternative to photoshop with almost the same capabilities. It’s what I used to make visual representations for my topics.

It might require a bit of learning though.

I use an app called Snapseed on my tablet.

Actually, I use Snapseed

You used PicsArt in the past didn’t you? :)