Photo Editing Contest #4

Deciding to bring these back since I have more time and it was a pretty big hit last year when I started them.

Photo Editing Contest #4

Interested in photo editing?

Want to try out your new photo editing software or techniques on photos?

Now’s your chance!

Once a month I’ll submit an unedited image from my gallery and upload it here. Edit the photo as little or as much as you’d like!

Submissions close 48 hours after topic is created, and only one submission per user so make it your best edit! Users who submit more than one edit will be removed from the contest.

Once submissions are closed I will choose the top 5 most creative/interesting or the edits I like the most. Those 5 edits will then be placed into a poll where you guys can vote anonymously for your favorite.

Feel free to provide feedback for other user’s edits.

No skill or previous experience is required to submit your edit.

Try your best and have fun!

This month’s photo was taken way back in 2016 shortly after I bought my first DSLR. It features a Falcon 50 on the ramp at Tahoe Airport with a beautiful backdrop of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I just came across this photo on my old hard drive today and threw a quick edit over it. I can garuntee you this photo will look much better than the original if you take your time and get creative with your edit.


Any benefits if you win?

Bragging rights and an imaginary cookie

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How’s this? Tried something different on it. Submitting this one.

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Ayyy that’s one beautiful plane!


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How’s this? Made it to look a bit like something out of a crime drama.


I think you did a very nice job bringing out more details in the trees behind. Just as a little bit of advise, try not to darken the wall as much as you did. Keeping the detail on it would’ve made the image more powerful. Overall, awesome job!

@Nate_Schneller is one of the best editors on the forum. I think he knows what he’s doing 😉
*Advice 😁
Also no need to reply here. Do so in a DM if you must

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Anyways, here’s my entry.


I was giving him advice from a photographer’s stand point :) It honestly is how he views it, different people like different objects to be opaque in their photographs if at all. Depends on the person.

Here’s an attempt at an edit!


Here’s my take on it. Hope you enjoy it! :)


Nice shot btw!


Went a very different direction from my fellow editors, while they tried to pull detail from the background with a cool image I unfocused the background and made a warm image…


Love the edits so far everyone! Keep them coming

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Early morning with gasoline burning off



I gave it another go. New background (blurred), removed clutter (trees), made the aircraft look more prominent, and reduced the saturation of a few colors. I also resized the image to 4000x2715 and applied sharpening after.


Next time please don’t delete your post and upload a new photo as a new post.

That goes against the only rule I have in this contest and that’s only one submission per contest.