Photo Edit, Did It Go Well?

Hey everyone, this is a photo I got while I was at KCHD Az. I edited it and hope to post it somewhere either on JP etc. Tell me how I did!



a3d6e5c5ce659771db48e3f464726069c9078542_2_800x600 (1)


How good did I do?
  • Bad
  • Ok
  • Good
  • Amazing

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If you want me to edit a photo for you I will except!


It is a bit over edited for my taste. I do like the beacon light though.

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What would you recommend less of?

Allow me to handle this for you.

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It is a bit overly warm.

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rolls on in


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I would go with a little less exposure and yellow. The plane doesn’t stand out that much anymore. I like the original picture tho! :)

My quick attempt:

And maybe don’t make a picture with the sun in the background, it makes it way harder to edit ;)

In the end it’s all up to personal preference.

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