Photo Compilation

Hello all!
Today I will be showing you a compilation of photos that I didn’t post. Hope you enjoy!
Also, the other one I accidentally posted and got it deleted… 😬

Southwest at Albuquerque
Route: KABQ - KSJC
Aircraft: 737-700 SW heart
Callsign: SWVA706

Tried to give this one a “cowboy” sort of look by giving it more warmth, also recommend this flight for its scenery 🤠

Aircraft: a320 United airlines
Airport: KIAH
Callsign: UAL326

This was the FNF in Texas. It was a group flight with @anon57683537 and I had a blast. A lot of people there!

Traffic jam at KEWR
Aircraft: 738
Airline: American Airlines
Route: KEWR - KORD

LOT of planes in this picture. Trust me, there were a lot more but the airplane count could not fit them

Slam those breaks!
Route: KSJC - KSNA
Aircraft: 737-700
Airline: Southwest - Canyon Blue

This was a group flight with @BigBert10 from San Jose to John Wayne (KSJC - KSNA). VERY short runway and realized that I didn’t have much left when I was at about 90kts. So I SLAMMED those breaks! Also, try flying to SJC one day!

Absolute greaser (Or butter, whatever floats your boat)
Airport: NZQN
Airplane: 737-700 BBJ
Airline: The best airline, Infinite Flight

The landing on this one was about -20 FPM. It was a REALLY fun approach and highly recommend going to this airport


These are pretty good, nice photos.

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Will never top yours though 😆
But thanks!

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Nice photos mate!

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Hahah thanks!

Nice photos!

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Thank you!

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Cool Photos!

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Thank you! Means a lot

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Great pictures, thanks for sharing!

The last one looks pretty scenic, well done!

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yep NZQN is just an amazing airport

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