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There are all of these amazing photo topics on the forum. And they are growing day by day. To my opinion, we need a “Photos” category for such topics. This would be a nice addition to the community and make the forum more “organized”. This must be great for new users. The forum is a very nice place and I could say it is my third home (before my actual home and my school) and this would make it very very better.
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Do you mean #real-world-aviation:spotting? That’s where you post your spotting photos. If you’d like to share non-aviation photos, wait until your a regular (TL3) and post in #lounge.


No not #real-world-aviation:spotting, and can’t access #lounge because can never get TL3 because I was suspended once. I think this should be a category that anyone (from TL0 to TL4) can post in

It would basically be a duplicate category, then. That’s just one of the privileges of being a regular. If it were open to everyone, then people could earn regular status without posting anything related to aviation. The point of being a regular is to be a good quality contributer.


Infinite Flight pboto Category?

I like this idea

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