Phones on aircraft

OK so we have to put our phones to flight mode becauseit could disrupt the aircraft’s systems, but when the plane is close to ground on landing or takeoff, how come it isn’t affected by the phones and the cellular poles and the different radio communicators?

I think it’s a question of risk.
The phones don’t disturb a lot, but they could.
For example you can hear cellular trames in loudspeakers, often in computer speakers. It’s just a hi-fi but if it is a plane computer while flying it’s an other story.
So at ground. Well the plane is no longer flying so it’s ok.

When I fly my little Piper PA28, I don’t need to put my phone on airplane mode. Reason being all the instruments in the aircraft are needle and based of effect. There are no computer based

I’m pretty sure, phones don’t really mess with the airplanes instruments. I guess depends on how old the aircraft is. But I think they say that just to have the passengers full attention.

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Pilots rely on their instruments in the air. That’s all they have

On the ground, you have full ATC, fire brigade, medics services. More safe

Another issue with phones that I’ve noticed is when they go through the safety and NO-ONE is paying attention. They are all on their phones or computers or listen to music with noise cancelling… Why is that, are people too ignorant?

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A simple search on Google will tell you the answer. 😉

Basically it (kind of) blocks the frequency when communicating with the ATC.

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We can hear the phones registration broadcast data over the radio as they try to communicate with the towers beneath us.

When we get a bit higher the phones go into high power mode as well trying to maintain a connection (drains your battery as you are getting further from a cell phone tower). It’s an irritating noise.

Also it can cause problems on the ground as the altitude causes the phone to register on more cell towers than it normally would confusing the cell tower software. Not a major issue but it does annoy cell phone engineers apparently.

On approach, when we are conducting CAT III auto lands especially, the signal interferes with the radio but, also, can possibly have the effect of interfering with the ILS frequency. This depends very much on the ILS frequency in use but the airfield will go into Low Visibility procedures to protect the ILS so it would be handy if the muppets who think they know better could at least switch off their phones. I’m sure that critical email can wait another 5 minutes.


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At least in the US its illegal to use your cellphone on any commercial or GA aircraft while it’s in the air. that’s due to the interference lt causes to the ground networks. All the other electronic devices are up to the Airline or under certain circumstances the PIC whether they will be allowed due to possible interference with the operation of the aircraft

Dont do that in the United States, you’ll be breaking federal law lol

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