Phone Vibrates when you land/turbulence

I think phone vibrations in different scenarios would be a cool feature to add. Like this so the devs can see


Devs will see it whether it’s liked or not. What you need are replies to keep it up at the top.

Anyway, I personally would find it annoying to have my phone vibrate on touchdown-It would be an unnecessary/extra addition (IMO).

That said, there may be others who would like it so if it is added, I’d like it to be an option in the settings that can be enabled or disabled.

Best, Boeing707

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This will hammer battery life… :)


This could be a good idea. This would feign the vibrator stick in case of stall

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I would like this but it should be optional! Or if devs don’t like this, ATLEAST make the airplane shake.

I like this idea.