Phone Vibrates when you land/turbulence

I think phone vibrations in different scenarios would be a cool feature to add. Like this so the devs can see


Devs will see it whether it’s liked or not. What you need are replies to keep it up at the top.

Anyway, I personally would find it annoying to have my phone vibrate on touchdown-It would be an unnecessary/extra addition (IMO).

That said, there may be others who would like it so if it is added, I’d like it to be an option in the settings that can be enabled or disabled.

Best, Boeing707

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This will hammer battery life… :)


This could be a good idea. This would feign the vibrator stick in case of stall

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I would like this but it should be optional! Or if devs don’t like this, ATLEAST make the airplane shake.

I like this idea.

Vibration for touchdown would be a nice addition, but they would have to make it be variable for the type of vertical speed you have on T/D.

Now vibration for turbulence, that would be the real battery killer. Imaging your phone vibration for 8hrs straight while flying westwards over the North Atlantic!

Obviously most tablets would be left out of this feature!

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Or… there would be an option if you would want it on or off. Easy as that :)

This feature would be quite useless for us joystick and yoke users…assuming that you prop the device up on a table why do we even need vibration anyway?

Sure, it would be great for non-joystickers but we already have some high-quality sound of wheels touching down, and I can live with that.

In fact, I’m sure we can live without this feature. It’s only a minor detail.

I’m going with what Cammy said four years ago about battery life getting hammered.


If someone wants to remake this, have at it. Didn’t realize this was brought back from the depths of the abyss after 4 years.