Phone using desktop formatting

Starting a little while back my phone switched to what I believe is the desktop formatting. Everything seems to be messed up, when clicking on different parts it is all whacked up, these are some screenshots, Can anyone try to help me?

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Try closing and reopening the browser. Some browsers have website “memory” that remembers what the user’s previous interface was. What OS is this?

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The iOS 11 beta 2, however the formatting got messed up well after updating, I am also using google.
I close apps all the time and restart my phone daily too.

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Has this happened before? Also, by google do you mean the Search app or Google Chrome?

Google as in the app you download from the App Store, not chrome or safari.

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Do these. You may have to close the window or click on Mobile View one more time for it to take effect.


Ok that worked, thank you very much :) is there a soloution tick box on #meta like there is in #support?

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Don’t think so, but glad it worked.

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I use desktop formatting on my tablet and it doesn’t look like that, that’s odd.

Ok thank you and everyone for your help!

It is my phone not my tablet it might be different.


The same exact thing happens to me aswell. I restart safari and then I’m good to go.

Thanks, Tim!