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What phone do you guys use to fly on infinite flight? I see all these high quality pictures, and I’m here with my 2015 Samsung note 4, going full out low mode. Can you guys tell me what phones/tablets you guys use to run infinite flight? And also, is a Samsung Tab A 10.1 good for Infinite flight running high quality, and is there good tablets/phones to use in a budget?

Edit : It got to be android cause I don’t want to spend another $5 on Infinite Flight when I already bought it.


As for suggesting devices and such, i suggest reading through this and then price match and so on. and anyone can get those high quality pictures, use replay mode and you can change the quality and then edit the pictures after👍🙂


I use the iphone XR and a ipad pro. works fine!

The OP is asking what device do you use.

I use an iPad 2018 and an iPhone 6 for pre global.

I use an Ipad 2017 (7.9 inch?). Works like a beast.

And if a device is good. The thread is so they can check the device out and see a first hand review.


They don’t have the Tab A 10.1, and I’m just some 13 year old trying to get some tablet/phone that can run Infinite Flight at Medium

Most devices old can run that… but maybe save money up. And buy an new ipad or tablet so for FNF or a weekly airport when it’s busy you can still run high settings and not have to worry about device performance

iPhone 8 is what I use

It can run medium on the Samsung Note 4, but it gets choppy, so that’s why.

As it’s older, anything that’s 2018 and up will be a little more expensive but should be able to run max settings for a few years to come before having any performance issues, and someone please correct me if what i say is wrong, but apple’s devices mainly ipads are more built for mobile gaming, and androids aren’t and are built for more practical in the workspace, something like that. But all new devices would be able to run IF on max settings for at least two years before any performance issues.

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If you’re on a budget and looking for a tablet, try getting a Xiaomi Mi Pad 4. It uses a Snapdragon 660 which is 15% faster than the Snapdragon 810 on the Note 4. I currently use the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which is a device that you can get if you have a bigger budget. You can get the Note 9 for an affordable price nowadays and it runs IF like absolute butter.

I used to use an iPad mini 3, but now I’m using a Galaxy S10. I really recommend it because of how beautiful the AMOLED screen is when flying. Also the circular cutout is much much better than phone notches, hardly noticeable when flying at night.

Check the thread linked in post #2 for more information


I use the iPhone X. It runs Infinite Flight very well on max settings. You may only experience lag during busy events such as the FNF. I love it’s incredible performance, and is a huge step up from my previous device, a very slow and laggy iPhone 6.


I use the iPad Pro 11 inch (2018). It works amazing and runs really smooth. It’s pricey though.

I had two deivces, xiaomi 5S and xiaomi Mix 2S. Both can run max settings.

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Note 8 for me, going into its 3rd year and still working strong for me, running max everything and it works well.


iPad 2017 or 18 (I forgot) works great! But I just use my iPhone 7 when I’m goofing off.


I have iPhone 8+ and it gets really hot and some lag

XR is fine same with the gen 5 iPad

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