Phone turns off few hours into flight (this is probably an app crash)

So I have an Samsung Galaxy S7 and last night I tried to fly from Newark to Athens in an 777. I was able to fly for about 4 hours with my phone plugged in. And then by the time I woke up, my phone screen was turned off (not powered off). I know that nobody turned the phone off manually. I live alone. I have been able to fly 12 hours straight with my phone on in the past. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the Android 8.0 oreo update.

It might be. I’m not a electronic person and have a iPhone but whenever I don’t update my phone, IF does not work properly. I would recommend updating your system to the latest. 🙂


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Just updated to IF 18.4 last night, then I flew

I was meaning this. If it is required update I would do it.

Yea I was saying if the Android oreo update has anything to do with why my phone screen is turning off mid flight. I already updated to android oreo 8.0 a week or two ago.

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Oh. Like I said I’m a apple user do I don’t know much about android. Do you think your phone might of overheated causing it to turn off to cool down?

No, the phone never overheated. I had brightness and volume all the way to the lowest point.

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It was a ghost… joking!

You might want to look in your settings, there may be a setting that switches it off after a certain time to conserve power. I can’t get any more specific with that though because I’m not familiar with Android (I use an iPad).

Either that or it overheated… it’s very possible depending on where the phone was in the house, how many apps you had open in the background, etc. I’m not sure but I think some modern phones shut down automatically if they get too hot.

Hope I helped


Hmm. Im out of ideas. Maybe a setting like @jackrs5 said. Hope you can figure it out!


Again, the phone was not hot nor I was ghosted. I never had this problem before on my s7. I’ll try to figure it out in the settings, but thanks for the help

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Yeah sorry, can’t really help any more than that 😐

Did you maybe press the home button in your sleep?
When you “woke up” your screen was it on infinite flight?

My phone was pretty far away from me, so there was no chance at all. When I woke up, I turned on my phone and I was on Infinite Flight, with a black screen :(

Was infinite flight paused? Or had the app restarted completely?

Most likely you had a simple app crash. Usually when it happens like this it is due to a lack of system resources. Graphics too high for too long of a period, memory, or something.

What camera view were you on?

There’s no way we will ever know so your options are to try again and see if it happens repeatedly (reboot before long flights), minimize background processes, and make sure theres no dog/cat/ghost that will touch the screen in the middle of the night.

Hi Chris, just out of curiosity, did they change any graphic/texture stuff? (I don’t know how to properly describe them) Because I just had a low device memory message pop up shortly after I opened the app, but I actually had just restarted my iPad Air before I open IF so I was kind of surprised to see that message. I know I will get this message whenever I use the app for more than 16 hours straight (prior to this update) so this time when I saw it I was surprised. I also use the app in high setting for all of the graphic. I haven’t try a long flight yet after this update so I don’t know what will happen, but if there’s an issue I will file a report. (Sorry for going off topic)

Try lowering your graphics settings>Graphics

I dont know. The screen black and then i had to clear the app.

Ok, this sounds like a one time thing, maybe an app crash like Chris S mentioned. I’ve never had an app crash while doing long hauls overnight and I swear by these tips below.

  • low power mode on
  • make sure the hid goes away
  • maybe this is crazy, but I plan to a dark section of the cockpit
  • set time to night
  • limit frame rate on
  • I just make sure it’s as dark as possible with no volume.

@Vignesh_S good afternoon buddy, sorry for the late response. If you’ve already had your problems solved, feel free to ignore this message. If you haven’t, I would like to make a few suggestions quickly.
I’m not going to recommend you lower your graphics settings, as I highly doubt it’s related to that. The S7 is still a very powerful phone, more than capable of handling IF.
Would it be possible for you to list your current settings that you use for the simulator?
Also, can you just double check that you don’t have Developer options or automatic power off enabled?
After that, I have another request, could you perhaps install and run this app for me?

-I’d need you to restart your phone and run the app for 1 minute, screenshot your results.
-Run the app at some random time during the day once your phone has been under load for a while. Same process.

If you’d rather send the results to me in a PM, if be more than happy to look them over. This will allow me to see what is causing your device to reboot, be it CPU or some other issues.


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