Phone size requirement?

I am really interested in getting into ATC but I have a Galaxy S10 and every time I’ve tried to control ATC on the training server, I see no way to. I can see planes but I can’t see any way to tell him to do anything. I only see a list of different air spaces and I can see the airplane names… do you have to have a certain size device to be able to use ATC? And it’s the Galaxy S10 too small?

Test in Training server, in Casual server there is no ATC

I’m not sure if there’s a specific requirement, so I’d just say as long as you can control effectively with it it’s alright.

Sorry that’s what I meant, I meant the training server

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Clear Cache, if that doesn’t work uninstall IF and reinstall it. That should fix it

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I have an Iphone 6, of which is smaller than the Galaxy s10. So size is definitely not the issue as I have about 2k operations as ATC. I suggest you make sure that when you load in on the left side it doesnt say (OBS) under the airport name. This means that someone has already started controlling. In this situation you will be able to see the planes, but not do anything.


That’s a good device so that shouldn’t be a problem.



There is no size requirement for your device to control on any server.

Some IFATC members use iPad Pros whereas others use iPhone 6s. If you have a good connection and a working device, that’s all. Just make sure you can clearly see what’s happening whatever size you use.

You know what works best for you and all anyone cares about is controllers ta their best!



Hello. I actually use an iPhone 8 as an IFATC member. I actually find the shorter width easier to use quicker movement with my thumbs. On other days where I’m controlling a quiet airport, I do use my iPad Pro with an apple pen as it is nicer and calm to use. But I would rather control on my iPhone and I see no problems with a small device when controlling!


I don’t know what’s going on then but thanks guys I appreciate it

Do you have a screenshot of your situation by chance?

Thank you guys, I think I figured it out. I think because it allows you to tune into stations that are already active I was confused but I send out how to do it. It’s very confusing but I’m excited to learn. If anyone wants to help me or tutor me I would love that

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I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+ but I feel that is too small. As has been said above, it all comes down to personal preference :)

I really enjoy your enthusiasm! Controlling ATC no matter what server can be LOADS of fun!
I noticed you asked for help controlling, I suggest you check this out:
Infinite Flight ATC tutorials
Infinite Flight ATC Manual.

I know this can be confusing and the whole community is here to help you. With drive like yours, you’ll be ATC’ing on the expert server in no time!.

If becoming IFATC (Infinite Flight Air Traffic Control) On the expert server you can find more information here:

Become an IFATC!

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