Phone restarts unexpectedly mid flight

This has happened 2 times in the last week. I’ve took off on a flight, maybe an hour later I go to track myself on LiveFlight and my plane doesn’t show up, so I go back to my phone, it’s turned off, and the screen says “Touch ID requires password when your phone restarts”. I’m on an iPhone 6s, don’t know if anyone else has this issue

I had this happen. I reckon the device overheats, then you have to use your password.

It may be something wrong with your phone. I used to use my iPhone 6 for IF and have never had this happen.

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Well I have to hit the power button to turn the phone on from “standby” mode but then it shows that message

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Hmm I don’t remember it feeling warm. Could it just have overheated because I’ve been using it a lot these past few days?

Well if it shows that message, then it means your phone restarted.
Like Chatta said, it could be your phone overheating, and it shuts itself off and then comes on again.

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Did your IF flight appear when you clicked on the app? It literally happened to me on Saturday and it’s the first time, I fly all the time so it’s pretty rare in general. That’s what leads me to think of overheating perhaps.

It could either be:

  1. Device overheating as mentioned.
  2. Automatic software updates.

Either way, it’s not Infinite Flight causing it. As there is no way for the app to initiate a restart of your device.


Well it restarted, then i put in the password and clicked on infinite flight, which took me to the loading screen and then the main screen. I checked my logbook, nothing

Like Seb said, it could be automatic software updates. Do you have them enabled/disabled?

It’s overheating then, my iPad was on the latest software. Pretty weird but I though nothing of it.

I have no idea, let me take a look

Sorry how do I check that?

You would know. It comes up with the prompt telling you to update and you can select the option to install tonight at 3am usually.

Not sure, I’m not on my phone now. But I assume it’s in settings>general somewhere

Do you have any other apps running in the background?
Reasons could be overheating or too much RAM-usage. The phone automatically kills an app which uses a lot of RAM, what IF does.
I have also heard that Apple is releasing an update to fix an issue with iPhones (in the newest version some people complained about devices just turning off by themselves, you are not the only one)

Nothing else was running, I had restarted before the flight and cleared the RAM

Read the 2nd part of my previous post.

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That issue was related to something else. Mainly the recall for the iPhone 6s due to battery issues. My iPad did the same thing so it’s not isolated.

Ps I’m not hijackinng this topic, the same occurrence was experienced by myself so linking up the similarities helps understand what happened.

Apple stated that. It is not something invented by myself. They are working on it.