Phone recommendations

I got if pro but the speed is 5 fps per second when around
at least 1 other plane. I’m useing an s5 so please recommend me some fast if pro running phones below 250 Euro.


Please read through this!


250 is low if you’re looking for something to run IF quickly… Maybe look for an iPhone 6s used? That’s all I got.
For games iPhone is suuuuuuper superior, it’s kinds funny how it’s the opposite on computers.


Probably any iphone obove iphone 6s would run if smooth, I am getting the iphone xr which must run the game really smooth

Maybe any huawei phone will be good to run if because they have good specs, cheap too

Huawei p20 lite is one

Thank you all for the help and the huawei p20 lite sounds nice.

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Huawei p20 lite has 4gb ram so it should be too easy to run if smoothly also it is less than £230

I know I found one thanks I’ll buy it soon.

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Which one is it

Iphone 7 that’s the one I use and it’s good

Don’t know if it’s below 250 but

Hmmmm I use the 2017 iPad Pro 10.7”, which runs IF like a gem, definitely over your price limit however…

Definitely the iPhone 6s… best performance when on a budget

I use a second hand iPhone 6 on max quality settings and works like a charm.

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