Phone Overheating

Samsung S20 phone overheats within minutes of starting a flight.

Only way to avoid this is to have the brightness at the lowest possible setting but then you can’t see the screen.

Graphics setting as per below.

Any advice to avoid this issue.

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Can you explain what overheating means to you? Is your app or phone shutting down due to excessive heat? Are you charging your device while flying?

This should also be a #support topic instead of #general

Do you have any other apps running in the background?

The phone gets very hot and I get a warning from the game andriod manager the phone is too hot. Nothing shuts down.

No others app run in the background.

Sometimes the phone is charging but the problem occurs regardless.

My device also overheats but I leave it on the window sill, this helps keep the device cooler while cruising (would not recommend if you live in a warm country), also aim your cockpit camera to the overhead panel, lower your screen brightness and turn of sound.

That’s a known hardware issue with some Samsung devices, also overheating when using other apps such as Asphalt9 and Real Racing3 etc.

Samsung hasn’t recognised the issue yet, but reducing motion smoothness to 60hz helps, also reducing the resolution to HD+

Hope that helps!

I’m also on the S20 but I’m not experiencing any issues, plus I’m running everything at high or very high. I feel like it could be a hardware issue on your end rather than software.

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Hi @Brian_Bartley, sorry to hear you are having an issue. IF can be quite demanding at times, even the most powerful of devices tend to overheat.

Do you know whether you have the Snapdragon or Exynos version of the S20?

I don’t know if this will work but try to use lower settings on your device that is suitable for the game to work!

This happened to me when I used to use my Samsung galaxy J5. Samsung phones, along with a lot of other phones, are not made for these tasks. If you want good performance and no overheating problems, get a tablet.

He has it at the literal lowest, so that won’t work.

Phones in general will heat up when using this performance, even on low, its fine if it gets a little toasty, but if the phone issues a heat warning, I would look at getting it checked out, as its a somewhat recent phone.

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