Phone overheating mid flight

I’m on a Samsung S8+ and I was 30 minutes into the flight and my phone got hot. There was a notification that told me my phone was over heating due to the app and it would auto close in 1 minute. I have never been able to have a successful long flight due to issues like this. My phone is on the latest version of Android. Please help. Thanks


Turn down graphics to prevent the high recource request? An S8 shouldn’t do this though…

Check if you have other unused apps or services running…


Make sure you have Limit Frame Rate on, always. Leaving it off will have your device overheat all the time.


Your device will build up heat when charging and flying but here’s some good tips to keep your device running at cooler temps: try to leave room around your device to let air around it (laying it flat on a couch will not help heat dissipate), dim your screen /lower your brightness and lower your audio levels. These are just a few of the things that I’ve had success with and I hope they bring you some resolution to heat build up as well. Cheers, Chris


Don’t forget about letting the HUD, map and interface disappear during timeout.

I had this issue, but to fix it I just simply took my phone case off and then placed the phone sideways so that there’s two holes either side. Then I got a fan and faced it down over my phone so that cold air can circulate around it. Also have the new long haul flight mode thingy on.

Whats the result?
Phone is stone cold :)


My phone does the same thing. I fixed the issue by wrapping an ice pack with a t-shirt and placed my phone on it. Kept it nice and coolish.


Not ever been an issues for me event though I leave my iPad on for hours while charging, I do though turn on limit frame rate and low power mode to help the situation just before I got to sleep, that may help stop the overheating.

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