Phone or ipad for this game

Hello, I know that this question has been asked many times, but I need information, what kind of phone or ipad do I need so that this game with high settings that can be played without lag, etc., because now my samsung galaxy a53 is impossible to play, because i have big lag then i putted my settings all on low and i still getting so much lag. Give me some good offers which can handle this game

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Take a look here:

It’s not completely up to date with the newest late 2022/2023 devices - but it should give you some idea of what sort of device you need to run Infinite Flight well.

Personally - I prefer a tablet over a phone for Infinite Flight - mainly because my eyesight isn’t great and a bigger screen helps with that.

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Take a look here for some community responses.

If you use a phone for this game… it/s not even worth it.

Why not? I’ve flown for years on my phone without a second device and I’ve never had an issue with it.


I just don’t think it’s efficient at all anything important goes through your phone no your iPad so having an iPad would be a better choice so your phone could handle other things

Have you tried to reset your phone, clear down old apps you don’t use and generally free up some of your phones memory?

May help in the short term?

I use an iPad Air 2019, it handle the game well till this year sometimes lagging on 60fps… So I think the iPad Air range (2021/23) is very good for the game and is enough but if you want even better get an iPad Pro!


This is what I thought for the 4+ years I flew phone only but then I got an iPad and I would never go back.

Ima suggest an iPad mini. (Mini 5 or above). I currently use my iPad mini 5 and it works great. The iPad mini has a large enough screen to be able to easily fly on IF but also its small enough that it can be easily carried around and can fit in a cargo shorts pocket. Prices starting at $340 for iPad mini 5. iPad mini 6 (newest version) starting at $420.

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