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I Play On an android device and have never done a long haul flight. I plan to do one Tomorrow and I had question. How do you put your device on standby whist a long haul is going on.

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What do you mean by standby?

You mean off? That’s kinda… Impossible.

You can just leave it on with brightness down, phone on charge, and do whatever without your phone.


What do you do to it? To just keep running but on low profile?

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Aight, tnx

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Turn the brightness and graphics all the way down, that’s what I do.

Thanks for replying :)

No problem

You said Android, do you use a Samsung or is it something else?

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certain samsung phones have a game sleep mode, where the screen turns off while the app runs in the background. it’s basically low-power mode but built into the device.

depends which device and android version you have, if you have it, it’ll automatically go to sleep after a few minutes of inactivity

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Like the Stereotype, yes I’m on Samsung. It’s an A70

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Yes, i found it thank you!

Make sure you turn your device’s auto-lock feature off before beginning a flight. This will stop it from turning off and disconnecting.

Ok. When in game there might be a tab in the pull down menu called Game Booster.

Once you are in air, if you tap that icon it will bring up a menu that looks like this

Tap the icon that says Screen Lock. This will prevent any random bumps to your phone from affecting your flight and it will also reduce the brightness and graphics quality.

I’m not 100% sure that the A70 has this feature but that is what I use on my Samsung.

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A70 Does have it but I’ve never turned it on. I usually just stay in the pause menu and then eventually the screen is completely black with the flight still running, but I’ll try this, thanks!

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