Phone/ iPad Case in the shape of a yoke


So I’ve been wondering… Does anyone know where I could buy a case for my device (I play on an iPhone 6) or in fact any devices that have been made to take the shape of a Yoke. It would be much more fun and easier to play if I at least had handles at each end to hold on to. The only thing I can really find is this, which is meant for filming and is fairly expensive when I know that it could be made very In expensively. It would just be a case, no buttons, no power packs no speakers or anything (although all those things would be cool too)

See link below…

Hope you know of something! I guess it wouldn’t be impossible to make something from scratch and do a bit of a DIY job. However it would be great if I could just have something like this. If not I think I’ll prob end up buying this if I find nothing better.

Best wishes


I know you probably don’t want to hear this but I would recommend just getting a joystick or a separate yoke and use live flight connect also I have seen something like this on a topic but it was self made

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I remember there was someone who posted (I think on here) a long time ago asking if anyone was interested in something like this because he was thinking of making them. I am pretty sure I convinced him it was a bad idea.


Actually… here it is:


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