Phone Internet Data

Does anyone know how much interent data live takes on an average flight. I don’t want to lose all of my phone data.

This is the RAM that the app and the flight suck…
Once you finish the flight. Only the value of flight time will change in the storage.

No when u play live. How much doest take from your interest data?

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@JamesGrainge Is right, I fly on cellular data all the time, it’s usually pretty reliable and doesn’t take a lot of data. My guess would be that you use more data if there is more traffic


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Overall or uses very little. I’ve used it several times.

I understand him, he means how much MB (Internet quantity, not speed) will it consumers

Oh i am sorry. I didn’t understand the sense :)

Yeah that what I meant.

Yeah, but probably not a lot. Sending a command to a frequency probably doesnt take more than a few KB, maybe even bytes! Most data used by Infinite Flight is probably staying connected to Live servers, and updating locations of other planes.

Also if you don’t disable the option to download planes/liveries automatically over cellular data and you don’t have all planes installed on your device, I believe Infinite Flight will download them so they show up for you when someone else is in your presence.

User request → request sent to server → server read request → request sent to user 2

Laura once said something like 20MB for an hour of flying, I used 70MB for an hour of controlling once. It’s a negligible amount if you have a plane with a few GB.

I have 60gb

60GB of mobile data? That’s impressive.

Yea cause I’m traveling for a whole month and got no interent router.

You should be fine, you should be more worried with streaming youtube videos and that sort of thing. IF will be the least of your worries.

Ok, cooool.

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