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Hello! Anyone know how to stop my phone from heating while also recording ? I do a lot of Timelapse videos so I was wondering if anyone knew how to stop the phone from heating I don’t run my brightness to low and everything but it’s still heats up and doesn’t record all the way because it turns off

Low power mode, Limit frame rate? These will all help the device from getting too hot.


If you are running the app at max settings and charging the battery you’ll get heat build up. Maybe record with a full battery and not charging simultaneously may help.


What phone is it?

It’s not uncommon phones heat up while using them extensively.

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Everyone here has given good suggestions, but also, remove any phone case you may be using, for heat dissipation.

Also, it’s completely normal for our phone’s to heat up when we’re working the heck out of the processor. Although, the bigger and faster the chipset, the better off you’ll be.

I have an iPhone 8 plus, and it still gets fairly hot at times.

But again, everyone’s suggestions here are good.

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Yea I charged it overnight because I do longhauls but yea will surely unplug it

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I have an iPhone 7

iPhones don’t have the greatest cooling in the world…

You’re running a graphically intensive app, and then recording over the top of that, for an extended number of hours…

If lowering the brightness, turning off Bluetooth etc doesn’t work, besides putting the phone in the freezer, the only way you’re going to cool it down is by not having a recorder running in the background 🤷

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The recording in the background has never/rarely made my phone heat up, the graphics being high for an extended period of time on an iPhone defiantly will.

@KyleDepra, check your battery health in your iPhone’s settings. Settings > Battery > Battery Health.

Chances are the phone will die if it’s not plugged in overnight to be honest. Working in the phone business I see iPhones the most and its usually their batteries dying after a year or two - it’s no surprise because it’s a rechargeable battery afterall with that said, I wouldn’t leave it unplugged during a flight.

Like Kirito said iPhones dont do too well with cooling.

If I were you I would try a different app to do recording see if there is anything that could reduce it’s proccessing usage.

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