Phone frozen

I was about 18 minutes into my flight and I had autopilot on but had throttles in high 80s for climbing to my cruise altitude of 20000ft so when my phone froze I restarted my phone completely and when back to 5 violation reports bc my speed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Which device are you using and what graphic settings?

When you phone froze did you have good internet. As when my iPad freezes it tends to have something to do with the internet.

One hint for android users…

Don’t try to open multi-window / hold tab button whilst on this app. It crashes and freezes the whole game.

So before we, the community help you out with this issue. It would be great if you could provide us with your device’s details. Such as model and firmware it is on. You also did mention that you have received violations from this accident, so you can possibly share with us your replay file and we can sort of figure what might have happened.

There are a few reasons to why your device might freeze and see if any of these matches.

  1. CPU cannot handle the simulator
  2. RAM is insufficient for graphics to load in
  3. Too much trapped heat causing the device to overheat.

You also did mention that restarted your phone after freezing. Did you do that right away? Or did you wait for a period of time? While your screen freezes, there is a possible chance to that the fight sim is still running in the background. I am personally no IF support expert, so I will say this is so far the furthered I can help out. If anything has to do with cancellation of violations you will need evidence and contact staffs in charge.

Hope these helped!

I actually noticed this yesterday, its never done that to me either.

I have an Iphone 8s

Are you having issues with your phone freezing as well?
Feel free to ask for help here if needed~

I had some issues back when I used an iPhone 8 with IF. My phone froze but on the servers the plane was still going. I would delete IF and re install it. How many apps do you have running in the background?

The iPhone 8 is a powerful device without a doubt.
The reason causing these issues might have to be resorted to situational issues, if you experience these issues again, feel free to leave a word on the community and we shall help.

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Yea I agree but that may not be the phone that @bryce_c is using :)

I got a message about my storage earlier but I closed all my apps out and then I was in the middle of the flight and it froze.

Ok. So is the current situation of your storage being almost full?

If it is a notification regarding your storage being almost full, that alone won’t freeze the game. Can you provide us with your device’s model and firmware it is on?

iPhone Xr and it wasn’t right when I got that notification but later and I think I was when I closed them out and got back on bc then I wasn’t able to control it so then I just thought restarting my phone would do it

You should have waited for the game to respond then, when a system message comes in, most games freeze in the background until the message is cleared. In case that happens again, you should wait longer.
If you face controlling issues with the aircraft in a stable condition, you should try searching for help in IFC and see who can help out. :)

How do I try and get these violations revoked bc I would like to fly again and thanks for the advice

Hey there mate,
Like yourself I often have my phone freezing on IF. If your settings are the lowest they can be and if the screen doesn’t unfreeze then I’m sorry but you have lost that flight.

I have the same issue sometimes with my S8. No idea why. My graphics aren’t even that high and my phone can take it?!

Coming back. Froze about three or four times with the A330, I reset my phone and reinstalled it prior to this flight. Before I was on a 318 and had the same issue

Mine froze too today on my S8, maybe about 2 or 3 times in the beggining of my flight, rest was fine. Almost never happens

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If you get storage warnings then it’s probably due to your storage being full, It’s recommended to have at least 1Gb free to fly with IF