Phone Explodes Onboard Southwest Plane at SDF

Happened at my local airport! Here’s the link to a website explaining. He claims that it was a new Note7.


Sorry @Nick_Catalano. Been forever since I’ve made a topic. Totally forgot the category. 😳

Let me guess, before reading it…

##Was it a Note 7?


He claims it was one of the replacements, too.

I bet it was.

Yes it was! My dad has since returned his.

It was. He claims it was a replacement one, though.

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Big surprise there.


and it was the replacement. Samsung maybe sued again and that is not good the business.

I’m pretty sure the plane is still here, too.

Just saw this on the news it’s crazy

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There are investigating the incident. They had said that it may just be a random battery fault that won’t be widespread (at least for now) my dad’s phone blew up and he returned it and preordered the new Google Pixel XL

I mean for it exploding or catching fire. And they fixed it.

Quite jealous of how good the Pixel XL would be

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I don’t know why people insist in using that cellphone onboard if they were told several times to not to bring them to the plane.

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This is why you don’t get a Note 7.

Well done, Samsung.


Kinda the reason why we have nimrods 😅

The link you provided is futile. I can only see the article for like ten seconds and then a survey pops up and takes me to another page.

Hmm. I didn’t get that. I’ll find another one for you.

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Here. Try the one below.