Phone crashes

Every time I do a long flight my phone crashes but I have an iPhone 11 and it should not be crashing

like I just did a flight from Pairs to Seattle on an Air France 777 today and was 15 minutes from landing and was descending and then it crashed and I put my phone brightness all the way down too during the flight

Could you also provide more information such as your graphics settings, as well as if your phone was getting warm during the flight? This will help pinpoint the root cause of these crashes.

Okay and my phone was warm but not hot

Do you enable the Power Saving mode in the app? Decreasing the device’s screen brightness for flight phases when you don’t actively fly can also help with cooling your device.

All I do is put my phone brightness down and and put the charger in and put my flight details and walk away and set a timer on my Apple Watch and go to sleep if it is a night flight but if I do a day time flight I check on it every two hours

Hm, I also have crashing issues but on an iPad. My app occasionally crashes when I use the “Floating app windows” on top of IF. Did you maybe use another app in the background or shortly before the app crashed?

No because when I do I have had my phone crashed before so only have infinite flight and nothing else in the background

try to restart your phone before starting a flight. I do that way so all unused app are on sleep mode which it gives more storage in my RAM.

Okay will do thx

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