Phone crashes when playing

It’s very annoying especially when you’re in the middle of a flight of smme hours…

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It is, but try to use my tips to see if it’ll help :)

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I was on the 16th hour of a 17 hr flight

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Hey @Robert_Hovhannisyan!

While these other people are beating up the iOS horse of crashes which they’re all very well aware of:

Have this always been an issue for you, or have you noticed any changes in crash rates lately?
Is it that the app is only crashing, or are your device rebooting as well?

The device is rebooting aswell, I had it for the first time like 3 days ago I think. And now it’s almost every flight. I tried to fly from EBAW to EBBR and it crashed before landing. My MP is still running

It seems like something is not okay with Android 10, Samsung & Infinite Flight. That combo seems to… do something. We’re not sure what yet, but we are looking into it as we’ve received a few reports about this.

The biggest issue here is that since the app is not crashing, we don’t see any logs. The device just restarts…


Before the resart it starts to flash, like the screen is the same but the sound is flashing and like after one minute is reboots


Would you mind sharing what is your latest security patch level? (date)

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Where can I see that?

Settings > About Phone > Software information > bottom of the screen, where it says Android Security Patch Level

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February 1, 2020

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@Jan, do you see this issue after the Android 10 update? What is your Patch Level?

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Yes after the update, 2.0? Is that possible

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As @schyllberg said, they have received previous reports in regard to this issue, but without a crash log, it is really hard to figure out what is causing it!

I’ve experienced this myself not long ago, but I wasn’t doing any long hauls; it happened during hand flying.

I have the same security patch, but a different device (Note 10+ 5G). It seems the issue is not with Infinite Flight, but likely with something the OneUI 2.0 (android 10) update changed. I’d suggest to carry on using the app, although until the a permanent fix these crashes might happen again. Don’t be discouraged at all!

What most important is that if you ever receive the app not responding or any other crash/freeze related pop-up window, make sure to select Send report!


Okay, thanks! Hope it will be fixed soon.

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I don’t know. I’d have to check.
I only fly with S10+ for testing purposes.
It has Android 10 with patch level March 1.

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I’ve done some searches yesterday and one other brand, OnePlus also has issues with Android 10. Samsung is OneUI2.0, OnePlus is OxygenOS IIRC.
I’ll update my wife’s phone in the coming days for EMUI10 (Huawei) to see if that is also effected or not.

Any issues on the Pixels with stock Android 10 at all?

Same problem with S10… screen freezes and sound is doing some weird things. Then the device reboots at its own… current Android 10 patch

It started doing this in the beginning of Dec 2019 I think…

(edit) I cant reboot the device manually as the controls dont work


I can’t play with medium planes visible because my internet is bad, only low or hide

Nope, none at all. In the entire time of owning my Pixel 2XL and my current 3XL I have not had a crash on either of them whilst running the public IF release.

I have been running the Android R dev preview on one of my spare pixel 3s and not had any issues so far with that either.

The only crashes I encountered (as you may remember) were when battery saver was enabled, it caused the app to freeze and lock up the phone. But otherwise, no crashes related to the software

The issue seems mainly geared around Samsung galaxy phones… Are people using the game manager application when running games? Do you restart the device before a flight? Clear the system cache etc? All of the basic troubleshooting steps we normally recommend.