Phone crashes when playing

Hi there,

I have a Samsung galaxy s20+ and everytime I play the multiplayer my phone crashes after x time. I never can finish my flights and it’s only when I play infinite flight, how can I slove this problem?



try clearing your scenery cache

@Robert_Hovhannisyan have you read this?

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What graphics and settings do you play on?

hmm, ok its worked for me

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I play High graphics, with medium planes visible

The crashing issue seemed to only happen on IOS, but I guess some Android users have had the same issue.

It’s the first time I had this, then it kept repeating almost every flight

Ok, If i were you I would play on Medium graphics, turn off Anti-Aliasing, and restart your phone before every flight.

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Same exact thing happen to me. Same settings I would use as for any other long haul and it crashed. I wish they didn’t release the A350 unless they fixed this problem

It’s very annoying especially when you’re in the middle of a flight of smme hours…

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It is, but try to use my tips to see if it’ll help :)

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I was on the 16th hour of a 17 hr flight

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Hey @Robert_Hovhannisyan!

While these other people are beating up the iOS horse of crashes which they’re all very well aware of:

Have this always been an issue for you, or have you noticed any changes in crash rates lately?
Is it that the app is only crashing, or are your device rebooting as well?

The device is rebooting aswell, I had it for the first time like 3 days ago I think. And now it’s almost every flight. I tried to fly from EBAW to EBBR and it crashed before landing. My MP is still running

It seems like something is not okay with Android 10, Samsung & Infinite Flight. That combo seems to… do something. We’re not sure what yet, but we are looking into it as we’ve received a few reports about this.

The biggest issue here is that since the app is not crashing, we don’t see any logs. The device just restarts…


Before the resart it starts to flash, like the screen is the same but the sound is flashing and like after one minute is reboots


Would you mind sharing what is your latest security patch level? (date)

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Where can I see that?

Settings > About Phone > Software information > bottom of the screen, where it says Android Security Patch Level

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