Phone crash in Solo


My phone keeps crashing when flying in solo.

When playing solo my screen freezes and the sound loops, after 20 seconds my phone restarts and the app is closed. My phone is a Samsung galaxy S10 plus.

This only happens in solo mode

Any questions, feel free to ask!


This might sound stupid
but. do you have 20.1?

because If you never updated the app, the app could crash very easyly

Fully up-to-date

when was the last time you cleared you RAM?

on IOS you hold down the power button and then the home button

Please read my message again, I have an Samsung Galaxy S10 plus, thats android, it’s a high spec phone. And my phone optimizes the system everyday (battery usage, RAM, storage and security)

Does it have the Exynos chip, @Prepar3Dfreak? This has been linked to problems.

Samsung Exynos 9820 Octa
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This is an issue that surfaced with the Android 10 update for Samsung devices such as S10, S10+ & Note 10.

It is being investigated but it’s tricky since it only occurs on previously mentioned devices and started happening after a software update by the manufacturer. Other Android 10 devices are not affected.

The team has said it is working to fix the issue - I apologize for the inconvenience. In the meantime, I would try the steps listed in the user guide that @FLIGHT2 linked above.


But why does this only happen on Solo, i can fly a long haul on online server without any problems. But 10 minutes in a cessna on solo mode and it crashes

It’s completely random, to be honest. It happens on 5 minute flights, 12 hour flights, whenever it wants to. Once again, I’m extremely sorry this happened to you, thanks for reaching out!

yeah really strange, also because IF is the only app that has this problem, I play COD, PUBG etc on the highest settings and it has no problem whatsoever. Thnx for the quick responds anyway

Have you tried clearing your scenery cache in the Infinite Flight App?
Do this by going to Settings>General>Clear Scenery Cache>Yes

Also, as @FLIGHT2 said, try clearing your devices RAM I don’t know how to do that on android or clearing your devices cache also don’t know how to do that on android.

I don’t know if this would help but, you could delete and reinstall Infinite Flight if the crashes continue.

If you read my previous replies, my phone optimizes my systems everyday, so my system is fresh everyday. And for your information, I reinstalled IF last week, and deleted all existing files which came with it before reinstalled it

Okay, I was just trying to help

Thnx for trying to help tho

Hi @Prepar3Dfreak, have you seen this topic about the frequent crashes happening on S10 devices? Is your device running on the latest version of Android? Latest patch etc.

My phone runs on the new version of everything, my phone is optimized and up-to-date

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i’m having the same issues even with the newest version. IF said that they are trying to solve it.

I’ve had it happen a couple times on my note 10+ , but since I usually fly online its fine, try clearing all apps using RAM and you can also exempt Infinite Flight from RAM clearing to see if that helps?