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Hi, Ya’ll! so I FINALLY got a new phone! unfortunately I had to get a cheap one due to money issues… It is a LG K4 (2017) 2G data, (android) can anyone tell me if this is a good phone to play IF on? my old phone was a LG-G5 and it was ok…

Maybe look in here. If it’s not in here, that doesn’t mean it’s not compatible just it has not been used or reported to work.

I checked that list before, yesterday, I was going to get one of those phones listed… but I couldnt due to bad credit… so phone I got on list is not there

I’m pretty sure @Starley would be able to tell you whether it is a good device or not ;)

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The short answer… No
Not at all

This device wouldn’t run global at all, you would have continued app crashes, I would honestly be surprised if the app even loaded up.
Running android 5.1.1 (lollipop), this phone runs a quad core cortex are 1.0GHz chipset, which would not really support pre global.
There is also only 1gb of RAM present in the device, FDS recommended having 1GB of RAM available, something that would be impossible for your device.
I believe you’re also running a x32 architecture, and IF required at least x64


A Snapdragon 210 (Quad-Core CPU, 4x1.1GHz) coupled with 1GB of RAM and an Adreno 304 is not the best device to play IF on.
As said Kirito said, no, it won’t run IF well.

Its a LG-K4… (android) and it has 2GB not 1…

No pal, it only has 1GB of RAM.
You can check it yourself :)

Trust me dude, it’s 1GB, it’s not even worth trying to run Global

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i just bought it… i know what i have on my plan… it has 2GB :)

That’s 2gb of internet LTE data, not RAM

Click on the “check it” in my post. I think you are misunderstanding something.

He’s looking at his monthly data allowance…
Otherwise I have 60gb of RAM 🤪


He must be so disappointed lol

Basically dude, before everyone else chips in, your device cannot handle global.
Sorry about that.

well, I got it on my phone… and it is working well…

Really? What graphics settings?
I’m interested now

No need for everyone else to reply… Myself and @Starley are handling this one 😜

I mean, I can run global on lower settings with an iPod that has 1GB of ram, so I’m not really surprised.

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You should try and get a iPhone SE or 6s. I personally own a 6s and infinite Flight runs so good with 2gbs of ram

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please re-read… as I said I could NOT get a good phone that was on the list because of bad credit…