Phone can't handle "high" graphic settings

My phone can’t handle high rendering quality resolution before this update. Now the minimum quality is high (Fast). I find that it lags a little whilst flying, what can I do so that IF runs smoothly?

I’ve cleared some of my storage.

what phone?

do you mean the “fast” rending quality is also laggy?!
what about the texture settings?

Texture setting is on medium, Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017).

That’s totally normal mate

So it’s normal for it to lag a little on medium texture settings?

Yep, with your device yes

What should the rendering quality be on fast Good or best or ludicrous

I had the same problem with my Samsung S8. It would even freeze mid flight and I would have to restart. I lowered the quality and I haven’t had a problem since.

Good is the one I use on my 2016 Tab S3

Sadly you will loose the crazy aircraft reflection and even the fog effect

Did u also set to Fast quality?

I set mine on fast and medium graphic setting…
Samsung galaxy on 7 pro (only 2gb ram) and it lags but I just don’t mind

Mine doesn’t lag a lot it’s just a little but it starts to get annoying when the flight is not smooth-sailing.

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