Phone Camera spotting & The Sky

Hello, IFC!
I uploaded a copy of the plane Spotting at Gimpo International Airport in Seoul in February!
Thank you for looking.
I uploaded the picture above the sky.

Gimpo Int’l Airport Domestic

Korean Air A220-300

The aircraft at the gate is Air Seoul A321 and the plane behind it is Air Busan A320

T’way B737-800

Gluf Stream Jet Operated by Korean Air

Asiana Airlines A321

Korean Air B777-200

Spotting is a day when it snows and De-Icing

My Airplane! Air Busan A320

Window seat 💺

Hold shorting Runway 32R

I can see Incheon Int’l Airport! (RKSI)

Beautiful Clouds

Beautiful Clouds 2

Beautiful Clouds with wings!

Approaching to Busan city

Thanks for watching this topic 😀👍


Lovely day to fly!!

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That’s a cool picture of Incheon Airport!

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Very nice photos!

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Beautiful view of the airport! That must’ve been a great experience!

And runway expansion…😍🤤

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Very nice‼️

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You might need to remove some photos. There is a 10 photo limit for spotting topics :)

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I would classify this more as terminal spotting instead of plane spotting but still cool photos!

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