Phone battery on long hauls

Im using an iphone 6 and i wonder if the phone battery gets damaged when its charging for a long time like 5-8 hrs while IF is on?


no you would be fine everyone does it

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just but on low battery mood and low brightness

It will be fine. Just make sure the socket you are using isn’t overloaded with other items.

Yah thank you actually i have done it even longer i just want to make sure

This question has already been asked. Take a look at the topic below! ;)


How about long hauls every night then short hauls in the morning because rhats my schedule 3-4 tumes in the morning short hauls then 1 overnight flight every night

I’ve always done it on my long flights and so far nothing strange has happened to my battery

Recommend you use the search feature a bit more. You’ve posted several topics that could have been answered from searching previous information from within the forum :)