PHOG-KSFO new aircraft?

if you check the expert server on live flight, you can see CaptainBrad flying a craft unavailable to the general public. this lead me to check FlightAware for the craft currently operating that route, and I found the 757-200, 737-800, 767-300, and A321-Neo. could this mean 767 rework or a320 neo family soon? Hawaiian was scheduled for 2 A330-800 (-900 coming soon) but canceled their orders. His callsign is United 1145 (not heavy) which leaves me very confused bc united would mean 767 but it would be heavy and UA1145 isn’t an active flight #. thoughts?

could just be that it used an a330 at some point, not uncommon for ao’s to switch to smaller aircraft off peak seasons
could also be that they’re just using the a330 for fun 🤷‍♂️

In another flight tracker (Map-Flight) it says it’s a United Airlines B752.

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A lot of the images in LiveFlight haven’t been updated in over a year - according to MapFlight it’s a UAL 757.


Overthinking it