PHOG - KLAX Trip Report

Hey IFC last month I went to Hawaii and I haven’t had a chance to do a trip report earlier because I’ve been on vacation all but 6 days of my summer. So anyways here we go!
We had a United 737-800 to get back home to KLAX. I was in Hawaii for 6 days and it was pretty good. It was a red eye so we took off at 9pm and landed at like 5am I think. I was so tired because the last day I was in the ocean all day. For some reason I couldn’t fall asleep during the plane so when I got home I was like so tired. Somehow I managed to stay awake for 24 hours and that was a bad idea. I forgot what seat we had but it was economy plus.

Getting ready for going through security. We forgot to do TSA PRE✅ so it was a really long line. I was so embarrassed because when the TSA Agent asked me my age, I said 12 and my little brothers all he’s 13 when I was still 12 so I was like really?

Walking to the gate. Arm and phone reveal lol.

Waiting at the gate. The economy plus was nice
because i was able to put my laptop on my lap instead of just using my iPad and phone.

Taxing to runway 02. Took a long time to get takeoff clear

Here’s the takeoff video. It was normal.

Somewhere over the pacific. I was so bored during the flight and tired but it was good. Luckily United allows Bluetooth so I was able to use my Beats and listen to music.

I was watching some Game Shakers, Henry Danger, and Friends.

Here’s the landing. Pilot didn’t really butter but it was alright


Mods please don’t close this for saying butter 😂

It isnt all the mods.Just @DeerCrusher


Nice review. I love flying to Hawaii but yeah, the flights are long

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