PHOG Closed - thank you, pilots!

After 6 hours and 10 minutes i literally fell asleep on top of my iPad and got myself disconnected (sorry about that, for those who didn’t get an answer).

This was my first FNF controlling as an advanced ATC, and WOW what an experience!

I wanna thank everyone who came, during those 6+ hours i counted more than 700 operations! WOW!

I also want to thank the approach controllers which did my job a lot easier! @MatteoSerra24 @Paul_petropoulos @Aviation32 @DavidCutler! :) Looking forward to next week!

Feel free to PM me with feedback if you want to!



I was the last arrival. :D

Brave man. Ground and tower on advanced during FNF.

It wasn’t always easy, that’s for sure! :P But i pulled through! :D

i know. i was there as United 376

Sorry, don’t remember all the callsigns… :P But thank you so much for traffic!

It was about an hour ago. Lol. You are welcome

Dedicated controllers like yourself add a lot of value! I didn’t fly into your airspace, but thanks for putting your time into this!

Thank you for your appriciation :D Hope to see you next time! ;)

Great work :) long shift aswell,

Sadly I didn’t get to PHOG I was going to but couldn’t

Hey I did PHNL approach yesterday for 4.5 hours 😂

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Hope to see you next time! :)

I know, you’re a hero!

I was the Kestrel in the first photo. Thanks, it was a great night.

Thank You for good service!
Arrived to PHOG as Siberia 236,
Green a319