Phoenix to San Fransisco

Hello guys it’s Easy Av! Today we will be flying on the A320 of Alaska Airlines on this flight to San Fransisco. As we hop on this plane, we will be in Business Class for today!

As we takeoff, we can hear the amazing Buzzsaw of the engines and we can see Phoenix, Arizona!

As we reach our cruising altitude, we have a èntree choice of Swedish Meatballs with Spaghetti or what I went for, which was Coconut Chicken with a secret sauce.

As we start our descent into San Fransisco, we absolutely were surprised by the mountains there were in California!

With a final turn to align with 28L, we can see weird colors in the San Fransisco Bay: Brown and Orange; it kind of looks like stew. Can someone explain this to me?

And after a 2 hour and 7 minute flight, welcome to San Fransisco International Airport!

This skit was inspired by Simply Aviation, a YouTuber that does trip reports irl and was an inspiration for me to be into aviation.


The Battle for the Bay’s Colorful Salt Ponds | San Francisco Baykeeper.


Thank you!


Nice shots and commentary (coconut chicken is a step more adventurous than in the past for a flight from Arizona:). Nothing more Phoenix-looking than Camelback Mountain to the north off your right wingtip (nostalgia for a onetime home), looking toward Scottsdale airport.


Nice! Happy that you enjoyed this post!