Phoenix Sky Harbor to Los Angeles || American A320s

Seeing how busy Phoenix was yesterday evening, I decided to use an American A320 on a short route, since I knew I was going to spot around the terminal for a bit before pushback. It appeared that I stumbled on an American Virtual mini event judging from the surrounding callsigns, but it made for some packed terminal photos, and seeing such heavy traffic was great!

After deciding that a flight from Phoenix to San Francisco would be a little too long, I opted for the slightly shorter but still enjoyable Phoenix to Los Angeles. The Arizona desert scenery was fantastic as always, but with the limited amount of photos I went for some scenery shots during descent into LA. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Flight Details
  • Expert Server
  • Early Evening
  • KPHX to KLAX
  • 1 hr 35 mins flight time

A company A321 taxiing with my A320 in the background and two more in front

i wasn’t kidding about a packed terminal. It looked great!

Simultaneously pushing back with a company 737-800. Phoenix’s wide ramp taxiways are evident from this perspective

The takeoff line looking like a typical day in Phoenix. We were waiting for an incoming TBM to land

My A320 soars into the sky from 25R while another A320 touches down on 25L

Climbing above Arizona

Beginning our descent into Los Angeles, with desert slowly turning to more vibrant greenery

The hills of LA off the right side of the aircraft

The view from the left, passenger style. Flight spoilers deployed during descent

Spoilers and reverse thrusters deployed during rollout on 25R while a United 767 taxis for takeoff


Incredible pics! I hope to see more topics from you!

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