Phoenix Sky Harbor Plane Spotting May 21, 2020

I totally have been wanting to go spotting but it’s been around 107 degrees Fahrenheit.

116F today. Flew into PHX this morning. Heading out on June 1st (Monday). Willing to give flight numbers if you guys do end up going spotting.

Yeah I would love to do that once it cools down a bit. XD

Phoenix sky harbor is where I work! I clean interiors for American and United airlines as well as frontier

Dang. Your lucky. I wish I could work there. Sadly, I am barely not old enough and it is a 45 minute drive.

If you ever look into it once you are 18 I suggest accufleet international we are always looking for people

Or graduated high school

Thanks I will. :)

I’ll ask if I can spot on the 1st, it’s supposed to cool down in a few days though.

I think I might be able to spot tomorrow morning. Where is your flight headed to and what airline and time?

great video, with a great collection of airplanes!

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i really enjoyed.

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Can’t wait to play baseball in that when I head down to PHX in July for baseball.

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How are you even allowed to play baseball when it’s 115F? That’s crazy!


I don’t even know. To make things worse are uni’s are black

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How!? That’s honestly plain stupid.

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That’s Arizona for you. XD

I know I know. But I’ve lived here for like 9 years now and I’m still not used to the heat.

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