PHNY Falling Glitch

I don’t really know how to explain this in words, so I have a video.
(I advise that you watch it in 1080p or 720p)
Device: iPad Pro 12.9 in. (2015/1st Gen), not Jailbroken.
OS: iOS 11.1.1
IF Version: 17.04.1 (Legal, from App Store)
Airport: PHNY, Hawaii
Connection was yellow.
I’m assuming that this is something that the Airport Editors can fix? Similar to that airport that was above the ground and had glitchy terrain.
My best description is that as soon as I spawn in, my plane suddenly starts falling through the floor. Eventually, it goes to a negative altitude.

(Link: - YouTube)

I would say corrupt files, delete and reinstall IF.

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All other airports work. This glitch only happens at this airport.
And, everything is streamed, so it’s unlikely to be based on my device.
Plus, iOS rarely has corrupt apps, when they’re downloaded from the App Store…

It could be just that one terrain file for that spot is corrupt, even if it is rare on IOS it still happens

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Daniel is correct. During the download of terrain, some data probably got corrupted. If a restart doesn’t help, a reinstallation will.

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Sure, but, like I said, everything is steamed from a FDS server. It isn’t stored on my device.

Read what @schyllberg posted

Ok. I guess I’ll try.

No the data wasn’t corrupt. I have just went there with a fighter and see if I could plunge into the terrain and my altimeter went to negative.


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I just tried. I fell through the floor too.

It’s probably not the data then. It has to be the airport.

Nope. Still falls through.
I agree with @jakevaz423, I think it’s with the airport. Has to be.

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Well it might be like one of those airports then like ZUGU.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking.

Yea. I’m kinda suprised though, since it was a pre-global airport.

Then if it that it will be probably fixed in the next scenery update.

Can’t they fix it immediately like they did with ZUGU? Since it’s from the servers? Or have they not even fixed that yet?

ZUGU isn’t fixed either I was told it is in a scenery update

Oh, ok. Guess we’ll have to wait then.

I don’t want to count this as solved until an airport editor confirms that it’s been fixed and will be in the next update.