PHNL Plane Spotting

This is my first real post to the community so please don’t be harsh. I was spotting at PHNL and I thought I should share it

Alaska5 landing on 8L and buttering the bread

DLVA2013 having a safe approach into 8R and buttering the runway


Nice photos!
Don’t worry, you didn’t do anything wrong so don’t stress :)


Harsh about what, thay are great. Welldone


Great photos man! And here in the community none of us are harsh so don’t worry. Don’t stress over anything :).


Those are lovely shots, well done!

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Thank You, @Alaska_Airlines! Nice pics, glad you both had greatblandings.


Little typo there, thought I’d just let you know 😉

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I have the typo? If so, where

Not you, but Butter_Boi.

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Great photos! I also love it when people use the right term.

(Not sarcastic)

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Thank you I’ve always felt like that was the right term 🙂

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Beautiful pictures from what I see you you have wonderful talent for IF planespotting! But one question did you edit any of the photos?

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Not at all but I was thinking about it

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Well I think they look great!;)

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