PHNL - PHOG flight photos

Here are some photos from my most recent flight
Flight time: 33 mins
Server: Training Server
Aircraft - B737

Me taking to runway 8L

Holding short on runway 8L

The adventure begins! (Yes there is a Alaska Airlines behind me, I’m not sure what he’s doing in Hawaii)

Acceding to 20500ft

Cruise speed and pretzels for the passengers

There’s the mountain that I can’t remember the name of

My wacky landing

Soft landing and a perfect photo for plane spotters (You’re welcome)

Taxing to some gate

Hope you liked the photos and thanks for looking at them!

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Cool pics ,
the choice of livery plus this scenery 🔥🔥 as well

I kinda like the frame of the 8th pic !


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Nice photos!

Alaska Airlines do fly to Hawaii IRL…

Oh they do? Sorry about that, I gotta double check my fact book

Nice photos! I think the Alaska Airlines flight was flying up to Anchorage, Alaska Airlines has flights PHNL-PANC 😅 Other than that, photos look awesome!

Alaska flys to Seattle from Hawaii and to PANC

“Passengers, we hope to get you on the ground safely”

Pretty sure they use the 737-800 & MAX8 and not -700

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Yea. I think ur right.

Hey man, awesome pictures!
This is just a tip for realism if you ever want to do this, consider it, or don’t I mean NO disrespect and I respect all pilots unless they ruin something, anyway.

Even on inter island flights, southwest either flies the Max8 or 737-800 because the 700 isn’t ETOPS certified. Obviously, because Honolulu and Kahalui aren’t hubs, they don’t station 700’s there. Any plane they fly inter-island comes from the mainland.
So, in summary, if you find this rude, i apologize, just me giving ya my opinion.

Lovely photos!

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Thanks so much for the feedback, I was mostly testing the plane and this is one of my most favourite super-short-haul flights. I usually fly Cessna Citation X on this route. Thanks once again! If you wouldn’t mind, could you vote for the best photo if you haven’t already!

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No problem man! And done. 9 was my favorite. :)

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Nice photos.
About your landing:
It looks you missed the center line.

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Yea, I did, got a little distracted :), thanks for your feedback.