{PHNL} ATC at TS1 [Closed]

Time: Starting NOW
Place: Honolulu Intl, Hawaii
Server: TS1
Service: Tower&Ground (I might drop the ground frequency if there is too much traffic.)

Feedback would be appreciated.

I may well come if you are still there after I have my lunch

It depends on how fast you are :)
I could open it for at most 1hr

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Coming now, I’ll fly in from somewhere

What? [1330Z] Is that now clear?
You must be using summer time I guess.

OMG I’m so stupid! I’m used to British time being the same as Zulu time and it’s now changed, so sorry!

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Spawning at Kahului now and will fly there callsign G-EJF1

Just as I imagine, there is literally zero traffic.


Nice controlling, but you shouldn’t have cleared the speedbird for takeoff as I was on a 2 mile final, which meant I had to go around. Thanks!

You were a bit too fast for landing the first time, weren’t you?

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Yeah, didn’t realise I was doing 230 knots!

There was a little traffic today. Overall, I don’t think it is a good idea for me to open ATC on weekdays.

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