PHNL APPROACH suddenly closed

I want to apologize to everyone who was on approach to PHNL, around 18:30 zt (5 minutes ago), unfortunately I was using the 4G and then the connection was not stable, I lost 2 times the connection and I decided to quit. I am very sorry if I created you a problem and if I closed all of a sudden, but as I said before is not my fault. sorry everyone
Marcello M.


Not sure what I did wrong coming into POGCallsign DLVA702

This is why I never play infinite flight over mobile data, I much prefer to play over wi-fi.


PM me and invite @Tyler_Shelton and I’d be more than happy to explain.

I was their at that moment it was like, what ! how this could happen on expert server then I realise maybe ur app has got crashed

Call sign SN1502 heavy

Hi,I think you’re mixing me,i was controlling PHNL approach,I can’t remember an issue with you. Maybe as @Tim_B said, contact him. Thanks

Taken care of, Marcello

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Yes it was tim and had my hand slapped but good.


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