PHNL approach now closed

Thanks to everyone who flew to PHNL tonight, it was a pleasure serving you. 99% followed all instructions and got good service I believe. Below is a glimpse of what was going on in Honolulu. I would also like to thank @Pilothodge80 for stunning Center service, @anon66442947 my tower ground, Nick Catalano, and earlier controllers @Heavydriver for absolute great work.
Also thanks to everyone for visiting PHTO earlier as well. Stressful 5 hours. I need a break 😅



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ATC ground and ATC tower are activated why i cant call to them ?

Only Approach frequency is available and you are on the ground so APP doesn’t show up in the list

@Abdulrhman990 Are you sure u r in the advanced server? I believe no one is active there right now.

Yes im sure

No one is active there right now.

I picked up the screen while ground and tower ATC are activated

U can’t contact approach from the ground.

On the ground

U have to be in the air to contact a vector frequency. And in your picture,it shows only approach active,so if u were in the air,u could have contacted. On the ground,it will show only Unicom 👍

I dont wanted approach, i wanted connect to to ATC ground to getting ready to taxi to runway

Understood thanks

There wasn’t any ground active. In your picture it shows only approach active,and other pilots communicating on Unicom.

Many thanks, had a quick flight from PHOG to PHNL earlier (Ryanair 880).

Thanks @JeebakR just trying to learn from the best ;)

I was the Japan air 792 heavy