PHNL Approach 22L

Hey IFC peoples!

Don’t know if this is a support issue or an airport editing team topic but when i spawn in to do an approach (solo mode) on 22L at PHNL I completely glitch out. I think I spawn into a mountain or something (see attachments). Feel free to change the category of this topic as I am not exactly sure where it belongs.


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The Runway 22’s are never used for land. The 4’s, 8’s, and 26’s are all used for landings. 8’s and 26’s for departures.

@Captain_Finck That will not work.


You’re glitching out because you’re spawning in a mountain.

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If it is known that it doesn’t work/isn’t used for landing then the option to spawn there should be removed… no?

The mountain should move.

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It might be a bit more challenging to code every single airport where terrain is an issue. I would, in the meantime, stick with the runways that I suggested using. 🙂

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I agree. But, for some reason, spawning into PHNL 22s approach work for me, it just flings me forward a bit.

Its a GPS approach where it doesnt take terrain into account. Spawning on an ILS approach would be better.

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Ok, I understand. Thanks Mr.Grinch. Merry X-Mas. I guess this case is closed, but I still don’t know how I feel about there being a known way to glitch the game.