PHNL and PHTO, PHKO,PHOG are[were] open!

PHNL, PHTO & PHKO, PHOF are[were] open!
Hop in to PHKO too by @John_Preston21
Patterns may be allowed! :)

Honolulu is Fully staffed! All frequencies active!!

Update :
4 hours of absolute controlling!
PHTO tower and ground! 206 ops!
Thanks for all who came!
Special thanks to @JeebakR & @Vinayak_PK who invited for the tag.
Thanks to @Drago_B and @Samuel123abc for the approach services (later on)

Any criticism?

Happy flying!


ok cool…see u there

Bump! (filler)

Did a very cool 1h flight in the region (air France 750), thanks all for controlling so well :)

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I saw you, pleasure controlling you.


All frequencies are still populated without Honlulu center 😉 enjoy

Good show! The Advanced Service Announcements are welcome. Now that’s what I call Professionalism & Collegiality. After a rough shakedown “our” thing is finally coming “together”. Max Sends

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Was really fun controlling! Never flown myself in hawaii, will have to do that some time haha

@Vinayak_PK you are an excellent controller

I was the 737-900 BBJ3

I had to leave half way through the for lunch and shops though

Thank you very much,Freddie. Hope you had a great session. :)