PHNL actual ATIS departure instruction not possible


i tried to contact the controller in PHNL but i think he is busy.

ATIS says straight out departures only. Acc the IF rules straight out means fly to the end of the cone.
That is however not possible for RWY 08L+08R (Terrain!)
Departures must complete their right turn to the assigned heading ( heading given by Tower) within
HNL 3.6 DME or 2NM of runway deoarture end.

So if we do not follow the instructions for flying straight out we will get ghosted . Could someone please check on this? Same procedures are valid for RWY 04L+04R


It’s less about the end of the cone and more about preventing aircraft from turning onto each other the moment they depart- we encounter the issue fairly often. Seeing as PHNL carries two sets of parallels, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to have it during peak times.

Real life procedures don’t necessarily apply here. I’ve flown the departure path many times and straight out is a lot less of an issue than most people think.


Comes down to the Fine line of realism and limited instructions

So problem is solved, new ATIS has no longer " Straight out departures" . This topic can be closed.

One question: i have no clue how the ATIS is written , is it possible to add something like " expect radar vectors immediatly after take off from RWY 04L/R and 08L/R ?

But as mentioned before, the ATIS has been changed now, someone please close the topic.

All have a good day and happy landings.