PHNL 4R ILS approach not working

It appears that the 4R ILS approach at PHNL is not working. Has anyone else noticed?

Set up on right base pattern approach, NAV1 tuned to 110.50 (4R ILS freq.), ADF1 set to NAV1. Set AP heading to 13 degrees to intercept localizer and select APPR.

The aircraft does not quit turning @ 13 degrees. Instead just continues to turn further right.

Have tried it several times. Switched over to 8L ILS and all works as expected there.

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It will turn more so it can do the S pattern to line up. What speed are you at?

Can you do a screen recording of your approach?

I’m at 180 knots - don’t have a recording for now.

The right turn never crosses runway alignment, it keeps on turning never getting in a position to do an ‘S’ turn.

I’m going to give it another try, and will post a replay…

Well, I guess fourth time’s a charm. No problem with 4R approach this time.

IDK what was up on previous attempts.

Sorry for the false alarm…

Please close the thread.