PHLU is Broken

Device: Realme 5 Pro 128 GB Variant
Operating system: Android 11

Hello @N3RDUL8T0R ,

Unfortunately I can not find any issues with PHLU.
Neither in your replay, nor in a flight I started myself.

Without any further detail what you mean with “broken” there could be no help.

Kind regards,

I haven’t looked at your replay yet, but I had some experience with problems previously reported with PHLU, though before the recent update:

I’ll check your replay a bit later, but I briefly went to PHLU and the second issue above I no longer encountered (though I only did a quick try), but the first issue above I still encountered, so I assume I might find that when I go to your replay.

I would need to check again, but the issue before could be seen if you taxi out to either ends of the runway (or are still on the ground in those zones while taking off etc.).

I mean, the plane glitches to the ground when I am landing.

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I’m able to reproduce this.

Also found a problem where clicking on “short final” causes the game to freeze, specifically at this airport and another one nearby. No other airports are affected this way.

Could these issues be connected?

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Yes, similar to that but my game doesn’t crash

Mine also freezes when pushing short final on solo. As in the app crashes to the point I need to re-start it.

As stated before, I fall through the runway when making ground contact towards either end of the runway: all the way through on the northeast end; part way through on the northwest end.

The prior issue of freezing when using comms at PHLU seems to be ok now, but the other issues above appear to be as previously reported. I just re-tested these issues.

That’s pretty much all I have on this topic.

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